8th Annual NCBBA Red Drum Tournament
Report for the week we were there
October 19th -26th
Arrived on the Island Sunday afternoon and watched the Steelers lose.  Man, is it going to be that kind of week?  Checked in to the house on the sound and myself, Jaime and David decided to ride down to Frisco to see my buddy Joey.  We took his boat out near Hatteras Inlet and netted enough mullet to last a few days.  We came in and fished a little into the darkness,  Not alot going on so we called it a night early.  Awoke Monday AM to a LARGE ocean with waves to the dunes but found a spot we could fish and caught a few undersized Drum and a keeper along with a few Pompano and other small fish.
On Tuesday we met up with Joey again and fished a half day where we caught tons od Speckled trout and a few Drum.  We also were able to secure enough bait for the whole tournament.  SWEET!  Fished awhile into the night and too rough to be fun.  Went back to the house and caught Puppy Drum in the sound off our dock.  That was fun!
And the Tournament begins
Got set up in a decent spot and fished through the night.  SHARK ATTACK!  Hooked them non stop and it was work!  No Drum for any of us but that is pretty usual.  Called it at 8AM and hit the sack.  Woke up at 4PM and back at it.  Nothing til midnight so we decided to move around 2AM back to our originally scouted spot.  Tons of Sharks but then David found a good one amongst them.  Turned out to be the second largest caught in the tournament. 
David got a sea mullet that just missed winning, I got a Bluefish that just missed winning and Mom caught 3 Drum and kicked all our butts.  The biggest of her three won the seniors category and another year with some loot on the banquet table.  Awesome!  Had a great time and left out a lot but those are the highlights.