About the Captain

Name: Greg Griffin
Experience: Fishing NC since 1991 / Full Time Charter Boat Captain since 2007
Favorite fish: Red Drum, but I really love em' all!
Family: Beautiful Wife (the reason I am successful) and three wonderful kids.  I am a blessed man.
Pets: Only likes wild animals...in the wild
Hobbies: FAMILY, playing guitar, computers, sushi and surf fishing
Biggest fish caught: A shark big enough to eat me
Favorite place to fish: anywhere with salt in the water
Best quality: Never really in a bad mood, good at getting hooks out of humans
Worst quality: Thunder bucket addiction and if you are a fish reading this, death is coming!!!

Credentials: I have a Coast Guard OUPV (near-coastal) License, NCWRC Guide License, a for hire blanket Coastal Recreational Fishing License and commercial charter boat insurance.

Media: I enjoy extending the teaching part of what I do through mediums like Video and Print. I have done articles on Striped Bass, Crappie, Largemouth Bass, White Perch and Red Drum. I am not real big on nostalgia or notoriety for that matter, I just hope they help someone along the way when stumbled upon. This section is really just here to reinforce your original thought that it might be a good idea to transfer ownership of some of your hard-earned money to me.

Philosophy on fishing: Fishing for me isn't really optional. Never has been. I need to be near, on or under the water. I never get tired of catching fish. When I retire, I will fish. I like most aspects of angling but mainly with me it is all about catching. I don't mind tricking a fish into biting, but it better be working well! Most of the time I am doing whatever it takes to put the most fish over the side of the boat as is possible. I always want to catch the most. Every day. For me it has never been about ego, but the desire to master the goals I set out for my trips each day, which are always ridiculously difficult to achieve! Overall, I feel most at peace near the water. Always have.

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