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everything you need to know about a fishing trip with me

~  All anglers 16 years and older will need a fishing license.  The license is called Inland Fishing (basic).  There is an annual and a 10 day license available.  There is a Resident and Non-Resident available depending on where you live.  You can purchase your license at a Wal-Mart or you can do it online with a credit card HERE.

~   I will provide all fishing equipment and necessary life jackets.  All children under 13 will be required to wear the life jacket at all times.  Adults do not need to wear one and if you feel that you do, you should bring one.  My adult jackets are not very comfortable.   

~  You can bring anything you like to eat and/or drink on the boat.  This includes alcoholic beverages.  If someone appears intoxicated to the point I feel it is a safety issue, we will return to the dock.  There is plenty of room for coolers, bags, etc....  I will have bottled water on the boat for your convenience as well.  I don't usually have ice so bring it if you want anything cold!

~  Check the weather before your trip.  You are responsible for rain gear, sunglasses, sunscreen or anything else to keep you comfortable on the boat.  I fish in the rain but not in, around, or anywhere close to lightning.

~  If weather appears to be an issue, I will contact you a day or two before the trip.

~  It is not unusual to not hear from me after the initial confirmation.  This is due to the fact that I am very busy and never late for a trip.  You may contact me however, to confirm closer to our trip.

~  If you are going to keep to fish to take home, bring a cooler with ice with you and leave it in your vehicle.  We will transfer the fish after the trip is over.  I DO NOT clean the fish so make sure you plan accordingly.

~  Payment is due at the end of the trip and can be made as follows (in order of preference):  cash, Venmo, Cash App, check, credit card.  I can also accept payments online via PayPal.  

~  The boat ramp that I use on Shearon Harris is 4420 Bartley Holleman Road, New Hill, NC  27562.  If we are going to be on Jordan Lake, I will send you the ramp address that we will meet at.  The trip will begin and end on time even if you have not made it to the ramp so plan ahead to make sure you get there.  My schedule is always tight and usually does not allow me to stay later.

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